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    Find out if you have a case and how to get your money back on a lemon vehicle.


    "...I really feel like I sat back while all the work was done for me, and I can proudly say that I just received the check and am now on my way to buy a new car. Thank you so much Todd Gadtke!"

    - Lisa, Ford Owner




    If you own a 2014-2015 Jeep Cherokee, a 2015 Jeep Renegade, or a 2015 Chrysler 200, time is of the essence! This class action settlement does not compensate you to the extent an individual claim will. Please call us right away so that we can explain your legal rights regarding this class action settlement. There is absolutely no fee to talk to us.
    You must act by January 2, 2019.


    Expert Advice from Todd Gadtke


    The lawyer you hire matters. Before deciding on a lawyer, compare our experience with any other lawyer. I'm a former auto industry lawyer. I have more experience than any other lawyer located in Minnesota.


    We've successfully handled more than 1,500 Minnesota lemon law cases for Minnesota consumers. Give me a call, there is no fee to talk with me.

    Problem with a vehicle under warranty or service contract?

    You have important rights under state lemon laws in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Gadtke Law Firm has focused in these cases for many years; we have handled more of them than any other Minnesota law firm. Our legal team combines the insights we gained as former auto industry trial lawyers to our decades of combined experience litigating lemon law cases in Minnesota and Wisconsin courts. In fact, other law firms often turn to us for assistance when their clients bring them a lemon law case.

    Learn more about one of Minnesota’s most experienced lemon law legal teams.



    Let us share our extensive knowledge of your legal rights.

    We can meet with you or work with you remotely. Once we have evaluated your case, we consult with local mechanical experts, contact the manufacturer, and negotiate settlement for your claim. If your case is successful, the manufacturer pays our fees. If you do not make a recovery, there is no charge to you


    • You have a vehicle or other product that is under warranty or service contract.
    • You attempted to have the vehicle or other product fixed under the warranty or service contract.
    • It took too many attempts to get the vehicle or other product fixed.
    • Or you were refused a repair covered by your warranty or service contract.

    “A person never really knows how much peace of mind there is in having a vehicle that performs safely and correctly until you don’t.”


    - Dart owner, Todd R.

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    Our Recent Success:

    • Susan Smith v. The Mobility Group

      Susan suffered from reflex sympathetic dystrophy, which confined her to a wheelchair. She had multiple problems with the wheelchair lift in her customized van that caused her to be stranded on the elevated lift on several occasions. The trial court dismissed her claims. Gadtke Law Firm appealed the dismissal to the Minnesota Court of Appeals and won, clarifying Minnesota law in favor of consumers and obtaining a recovery for Ms. Smith.

    • Swenson v. Kia Motors

      Kia offered a 10-year warranty on its new vehicle. A consumer must bring a breach of warranty lawsuit within four years of the breach. The trial court dismissed Swenson’s case because the lawsuit was started 5 years after the vehicle’s original delivery. Gadtke Law Firm appealed to the Minnesota Court of Appeals and won. Minnesota law is now clear that the four year statute of limitations on a breach of written warranty claim does not begin on vehicle delivery but after multiple repairs are attempted. Thus, vehicle manufacturers offering warranties in excess of four years now cannot escape warranty obligations after the fourth year of coverage.

    • Delores Green v. BMW

      Ms. Green leased a new BMW vehicle. The vehicle failed to properly accelerate. BMW refused to settle the case. Gadtke Law Firm tried the case to a successful verdict, obtaining a full refund of money spent on the lease for Ms. Green. BMW appealed the matter to the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Gadtke Law Firm defeated BMW’s attempts to reverse Ms. Green’s trial victory. After obtaining her full refund from BMW, Ms. Green now drives a different make and model vehicle.

    • Graffunder v. Toyota

      The Graffunders bought a new Toyota vehicle. Shortly after taking delivery of that vehicle, the vehicle began exhibiting vibration and noise from the brake pedal area. Toyota refused to repair the vehicle under warranty. An independent mechanic confirmed a problem with the brake booster check valve. The trial court dismissed the Graffunder’s claims at trial. Gadtke Law Firm appealed to the Minnesota Court of Appeals and won. The matter settled thereafter.

    • Loxton v. Kia Motors

      Ms. Loxton purchased a new Kia vehicle. Shortly after delivery of the new motor vehicle, the paint began to show rust and the paint bubbled throughout the vehicle. Kia refused to re-paint the vehicle. Because Kia refused to settled the case, Gadtke Law Firm tried the case to a jury. After deliberating for only approximately 20 minutes, the jury awarded Ms. Loxton everything she requested after inquiring of the judge whether they could award Ms. Loxton more than her lawyers asked to be awarded. Kia paid Ms. Loxton’s attorneys’ fees and litigation costs.

    • Nancy Orr v. Mercedes

      Ms. Orr experienced repeated problems with her new Mercedes vehicle. Mercedes refused to settle the matter so Gadtke Law Firm tried the case to a jury. The jury awarded Ms. Orr a full refund of the monies paid towards the Mercedes vehicle. Mercedes also paid Ms. Orr’s attorneys’ fees and litigation costs.

    • Linda

      Dear Todd, Thank you for representing me in my lemon law case. Through your expertise, you were able to obtain the very best outcome for me, the return of my vehicle with full compensation! I am totally amazed, so very happy, and extremely grateful! I truly appreciate what you did for me regarding my case. This successful outcome would not have happened without you. Thank you! And please thank Dawna and your other staff who were always very friendly and helpful. Todd, I will highly recommend you and your law firm to others. Again, THANK YOU! With great appreciation, Linda


    If you are having problems with a warranted product other than a vehicle, we may be able to help you under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. The act gives you rights as the consumer of almost any product with a warranty. It allows a consumer to recover from a product warrantor if the product is repeatedly problematic. Warranted products can include:    


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